Mammoth Cave

We waltzed through the forest in our jeans and t-shirts, pouring sweat in the 110 degree weather.  What was in reality a 5 minute walk from the visitor center to the cave entrance felt like an eternity in that thick heat and humidity.  As the path took a curve the temperature dropped drastically and there was a cool 60 degree breeze blowing on us up from the cave mouth…like natural air conditioning!  NEAT!  …especially when you think you might die of heat exhaustion…or excessive sweating.

Our very large tour group (probably 100 or so people) included my parents, my little brother, my big sister and my very adorable 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

What?  you want to see pictures?  why of course…

I know…too cute.

But since this post isn’t just about my adorable nieces and nephews…

the cave was sooo neat!  and soooooo big!  It has more than 300 miles of mapped caves within it…and…

there’s still more!!! like approximately 300 more miles of caves!


In this picture you can see names scratched and smoked into the ceiling from the 1800’s!  Many were smoked or scratched in by slaves who at that time were the cave tour guides.  Many learned to write that way!

I have to admit that I kinda loved the very scarce lighting in the caves…made for some fun dramatic cave-like shots!  😉

the tour guides are very knowledgeable…we learned all kinds of cool stuff on the tour about Kentucky history, and the history of the cave.  It is SO worth visiting!it was very very sad to leave the incredible cool air inside the cave and head back out to the heat so thick you could grab it in your hands, but alas the 2 hour tour ended.

I’m a little embarrassed to share that this was my first trip to Mammoth Cave…ever. And yes, I was born and raised in Kentucky just a few hours away from that incredible International Heritage Site.  But I’m proud to say I’ve been now and I’d love to go back.  Seriously, it was an incredible day trip for the whole family…we were all so intrigued!

Happy Friday (Praise the Lord)!!!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Shout Out: WHCC

It looks like this.

it comes in the mail.  and it has cute blue arrow tape on it.  and when I see that box?  my heart skips a beat.

because I know what’s inside.

two very exciting things.

1. photographic prints (of some sort…albums, prints, canvases etc.)

2. more importantly A BLOW POP!!!

and a little card that tells me who packaged my prints!

and sometimes beautiful boxes like this (that contain beautiful albums and prints).

I love my lab.  WHCC…White House Custom Color.  They are wonderful.  Beautiful, consistent products, killer customer service, great branding, unique packaging, and to top it off free 2 day shipping!

Photographers, if you aren’t using WHCC you should be!

Clients, I try hard to offer you the absolute best, which is why I use WHCC.

Wedding: Arig y Ricardo (part 2)

si que fue una fiesta!

and boy, was it a par-tay!

llena de candelabros, champagne, buena musica y baile!

filled to the brim with chandeliers, champagne, good music and dancing!

empezaron con musica arabe!  La familia de Arig es de Libano y Arabia Saudita entonces abrieron con musica Libanesa en vivo!

they started with arabic music!  Arig’s family is from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia so they opened the party with live Lebanese music!

y saben bailar!

and they sure know how to dance!

y despues llegaron los profesionales…bailarines libaneses profesionales!

but then came the professionals!  as in professional Lebanese dancers!

y fue increible!  No podia dejar de tomar fotos!

and they were amazing!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

y despues invitaron a todos a bailar con ellas!

then they invited everyone to join!

y despues de un tiempo de musica Libanesa y baile Libanese, llegó la banda latina!

and after a killer set of Lebanese music and dancing, then came the Latin music!

y todos bailaron!  …de todas edades!

and everyone danced!  …all ages!

descansaron un rato para tirar el bouquet y cortar el queque

they took a break for a bouquet toss and cake-cutting

Wedding: Arig y Ricardo (part 1)

Fue una mañana perfecta.  El sol brillaba sobre la playa en Los Sueños de Herradura.  La brisa pasaba por las palmeras mientras la novia se alistaba.  Su cara no dejaba de brillar con una sonrisa espectacular.  Una sonrisa llena de amor y gozo.

Pero mientras la tarde se acercaba el cielo se oscuresia y las nubes empezaron a cubrir el cielo azul con un gris oscuro que amenazaba lluvia.  Y cuando Arig, la novia, ya casi estaba lista llegó la lluvia.  Y llovío sin parar!  Todo ya estaba listo para una boda al aire libre.  Habia un toldo blanco en el jardin que tenia una vista lindisima del resort y del mar!  Ya estaban las sillas, el altar, y las mesas!  Los invitados empezaron a llegar con sus sombrillas y la lluvia no paraba.

Pero Arig no dejó que la lluvia afectara el ambiente.  Se iba a casar con Ricardo…con lluvia o con sol.  Y asi fue.  Ella no dejaba de sonreir, y cuando entró a la boda y vio por primera vez ese dia a Ricardo su sonrisa brilló como nunca antes y alumbró todo el lugar.

Ricardo y Arig, gracias por permitirme compartir ese dia tan especial con ustedes.  Les deseo una vida llena de mucho amor y muchas sonrisas!


It was a perfect morning.  The sun shone donw on the beach at Los Sueños resort at Herradura.  The breeze whispered through the palms while inside the bride was getting ready.  Her face shone beautifully with the brilliant smile full of love and joy.

As the afternoon arrived the sky began to darken and the clouds rolled in to cover the blue skies with dark clouds that threatened rain.  When Arig, the bride, was almost dressed and ready the rain came.  And it rained, and it rained.  It would have been just a little bit frustrating if the wedding was to be held in one of the ballrooms at the resort, however that was not the plan!  Everything was already set up for an outdoor wedding.  There was a white tent in the back garden that had a beautiful view of the resort and the ocean.  The seats were already lined up, the alter in place, and the decorations set perfectly.  The guests began to arrive with their umbrellas and the rain continued to pour down.

But Arig didn’t let the rain ruin her day.  She was going to marry Ricardo…rain or shine.  And so it was.  She didn’t stop smiling, and when she walked down the aisle and saw her groom for the first time that day her smile grew even wider, and lit up the whole place.

Ricardo and Arig, thank you for allowing me to share such a special day with you.  I wish you a life full of love and many more smiles!


Los Sueños es un lugar muy lindo!

Los Sueños is a beautiful place!

con vistas lindisimas!

with great views!

el novio alistandose para ver a su novia!

the handsome groom getting ready to see his bride!

poniendose el vestido!

putting on the dress!

wow!  Arig eres una belleza!

wow!  Arig you are beautiful!

pero como no va a ser bella con una mama asi!

but how could she not be with such a lovely mom!

marido y mujer!

man and wife!

y ahora para la fiesta!

now for the party!

vuelve en unas horas para ver la segunda parte!

come back in a few hours to see the second part!

family…cousins, specifically

“WHERE’S THE PERMANANT MARKER?” someone yells over the sounds of kids running, moms cooking, sisters chatting, and cousins laughing.  And so it begins, the insanity of any holidays and reunions in my family.  Or any get-together, really.

Marlowe (and Williams) get togethers consist of the following:

-many plastic cups marked with names

-more board games than any one family should own

-late nights

-too much good food

-hours of good belly laughter

-the occasional game of flashlight tag, mafia, or murderer in the dark

-multiple kids of all ages

and so much more.

I’m from a very big, very loud, very loving family.

and I am so grateful.

I think every day I realize a little more what a blessing family is and how incredibly fortunate I am to have one that is so full of love.

I can’t begin to put into words what it means to me to see this being passed on to the next generation of Marlowe and Williams kids, so I won’t try.

Maybe this could say it better:

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

Sparkles and feathers and flowers and sprinkles and bright colors!!!  Everywhere!

As we pulled into the parking lot of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe I feasted on all the bright and happy colors there!  The entry to the parking lot is lined with huge teacups reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland filled with gerber daisies.  The sign stretches high above the 1 story restaurant with a sparkly silver sign announcing Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

And for an artist, photographer, or just anyone who loves color…it is soooo paradise!

Inside is a precious little store filled to the brim with fun odds and ends like hair poofs, crazy jewelry, and a collection of very ugly lamps (for the ugly lamp contest they were holding).

Every table has a plastic container of sprinkles, a funny looking lamp and neat lights hanging above it.  There are trees inside, that stretch to the ceiling and hold big white lanterns that light the room.

The menu is bold, a little pricey and a lot tasty with daring dishes like cinnamon sweet potato chips!

We met our sweet friend Laurel there, and so enjoyed our experience that we decided to share it with you!  Next time you are in Louisville you should definitely make a stop!

Josue got his picture with the lion that guards the entry way 😉I want this in my house!and this!

they had a map where you could put a sticker where you were from and though there were stickers all over the map, Josue was the first to place one on San Salvador, El Salvador!my sweet sweet friend Laurel!

Alumbra Cookies

As a sweet treat for clients I ordered custom Alumbra cookies from the superduper talented Amanda Naish (who also makes the most delectable wedding cookies).  And I love them.  I mean loooooooove them.

They are perfect in every way (especially since they are iced with the Alumbra logo) but more importantly, I kid you not when I say they are the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.  And let me tell ya, I’ve eaten a lot of cookies in my day!!!

Sneak Peek: Beth

This is sneak peek for some pictures that haven’t yet been released to the public!  so get excited!  I’ll post the rest as soon as I have the go ahead!!!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

Sweet with just a hint of tart.

The way grandma used to cook 🙂

perfectly homemade. chunky fresh consistency, and probably wonderful with just about anything.  I tried it with homemade bread.  And my mouth is watering just thinking about layering it on some french bread with brie and making baked brie…

I bought this one from an Amish farmer at the Richmond Road farmer’s market on Tuesday afternoons.  Don’t know where else you can get it but I highly recommend trying it!

Made in Maysville.

Kentucky Proud!